Evil Dead Easter Eggs hidden in movies

You may need to look twice at theses Evil Dead Easter Eggs for your viewing pleasure! Homages to the Evil Dead films found in movies, video games, TV shows, and music. These references include camera shots, characters, catch phrases, props, audio samples etc. If you happen to know of any Evil Dead references not featured here, let us know! Please include a description of the reference along with any video, screen shots, or audio samples and we’ll add it to the post.

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun is explaining to the employees that there boss is off sick and also that “Ash is feeling a little bit under the weather”. A small reference to our favorite Ashley J Williams! Later Shaun comes across his now zombified friend Pete and says "coming across zombified Pete] Ah! Sorry, Pete, sorry... listen, we're gonna borrow your car, okay, hope you don't mind and – ah – later on, if you're feeling better, w-we're going down to the pub, so you're m-more than welcome to, to... [whispered] join us." Which I'm sure we can all see the reference there!

Donnie Darko

Donnie and his girlfriend go to a Halloween double feature featuring The Last Temptation of Christ and Evil Dead. Several shots of the marquee, the movie poster, and scenes from Evil Dead can be seen.

Nightmare on Elm street

The main character Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street can be seen watching Evil Dead while she is in her bedroom. Maybe not the best movie to fall asleep to when there is a supernatural murder loose in your dreams...

Evil Ed

Evil Dead references all over the place: Ed’s boss is named Sam Campbell (mix of Sam Raimi and BC), when a burglar picks up a crowbar out of his trunk, he says “Groovy”, and there are ED2 posters on the wall. Also, when Evil Ed chases one of the robbers, the scene recreates the chase in Evil Dead 2

The Dead Hate the Living

The main character is in trouble and is trying to think of a plan when he utters the line: “What would Bruce Campbell do?”. A question that should be asked more often when in times of trouble!

Jason Goes to Hell

The Necronomicron is proudly shown when at the Vorhees house and a bone handled dagger that is strikingly similar to the Kandarian Dagger from Evil Dead 2 is also in that scene! Even Jason is an Evil Dead fan!


In the party scene when they are about to watch the movie. You have to listen in the background for this part, Randy gives two choices for movies “Evil Dead or Halloween”. Unfortunately he party goers end up choosing Halloween.

Emperor’s New Groove

Synopsis of scene: Izma, the Emperor’s evil advisor, hands Kronc (her big, stupid monkey of a lackey) a dagger and orders him to kill the llama emperor and Pacha, the llama rancher. Kronc begins to discuss the situation with his “shoulder angel” and “shoulder devil”. Izma makes fun of him… and insults his spinach puffs. The shoulder devil gets a bad ass look on his face, cocks his pitchfork, shotgun style and says: “That’s it. She’s goin’ down!” Gotta love have Army of Darkness references in a children's cartoon!

The Dead Next Door

The zombie-squad officers in the movie are watching Evil Dead in their common room, and you can even make out the Evil Dead title on the stack off VHS movies on the table!

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

While Grima Wormtongue is discussing Helm’s Deep he holds a candle stick close to some explosive powder. Saruman quickly stops him just like in Army of Darkness when Ash stops the wiseman. Peter Jackson is a self admitted huge Army of Darkness fan. Another reason this is thought to be a direct take from Army of Darkness is because this scene only happens in the movie. It is nowhere in the books.


In the movie “Toys” with Robin Williams and Joan Kusack, in the last 10 minutes or so of the movie, shortly after Joan gets her head blown off, the Sea Swine comes up to the general guy and he yells Klaatu Verata Nictu to try to stop it, but it shoots him anyway. Maybe he mumbled at the end. So what if he didn't say ot exactly!

Ghostbusters 2

Egon, Winston and Ray are down in the deserted train tunnel and they’re yelling to get echoes. When Winston yells a force-like voice says “Join us Winston.” Right after that several decapitated head appear out of nowhere. Once again Evil Dead has coined that ominous "join us" for all future movies.


In the movie Creepshow, during the fifth and final section entitled “They’re Creeping Up on You”, a jukebox in Mr. Pratt’s apartment is playing the “Wounded Melody” (20’s type horn music) that can be heard in various parts of The Evil Dead.


How to Make a Monster

In the movie How to Make a Monster if you look closely at the wall in the programming building they are working in, you can see an Evil Dead: Hail to the King poster in many scenes during the movie.

Premutos: Lord Of The Living Dead

In Olaf Ittenbach’s “Premutos: Lord Of The Living Dead” there is a scene were a couple are making kinky love when a horde of zombies break down the wall. The male is tied to the bed and fortunately gets devoured, but while the female escapes, you see a very odd and I'm assuming, very rare Evil Dead poster on the wall.


In the movie splash when the mermaid is at the pizza shop behind her across the street the marque of the movie theater says the Evil Dead.

Ready Player One

In the Oasis you can be whoever or whatever you want, and the movie is riddled with horror movie references! But did you catch the deadite skeletons from Army of Darkness ready to battle in the final battle?!?