The Evil Dead Cabin

This is the site of the cabin where Sam Raimi shot the original Evil Dead movie. The cabin was largely destroyed in the process of filming. Twenty-one-year-old ‘enfant terrible’ director Sam Raimi was willing to do just about anything to get his shot, including maneuvering a dirt bike down a wooded hill and through the back door of the cabin, stopping just short of Bruce Campbell to catch the terrific POV shot that closes the movie. Though this is a contested story, the general story is that the young actors nearly killed each other out there in making the movie.

Coming from Morristown and just past Martin Road, there’s a little trailhead on the right behind a barbed wire fence. Be forewarned: this is currently private property and to step on its grounds means you will be trespassing in a rural section of Appalachia.

Iconic shot from Evil Dead

Still from documentary about the remains of the Evil Dead Cabin, Christina Anderson

Entrance to the site from the road

The "twin trees"


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