Comic Book - Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn SPECIAL EDITION #1

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn SPECIAL EDITION #1

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Just in time to get a groovy jump on Halloween, we’re calling forth a special edition of our official Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1. This newly expanded edition contains the complete first issue of the classic movie sequel, but has received a Kandarian boost to 48 pages with these special one-time only features:

  • Bruce Campbell photo cover
  • The entire never-before-collected prequel story that originally appeared in Mage, Inc. #1 and Big Game Hunters #1
  • Sketchbook pages and character studies from our ED2U artists Bagenda, Bazaldua, Salazar, and more!
  • Early color tests by Chris Summers
  • A preview of up-and-coming Evil Dead 2 stories by Justin Peniston & Enza Fontana

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