Evil Dead 2 Groovy Mystery Bundle

Evil Dead 2 Groovy Mystery Bundle

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Here's some sugar baby! This bundle includes the following:

  • Beyond Dead By Dawn Anniversary Edition TPB: The complete first arc of the OFFICIAL EVIL DEAD 2 SEQUEL before the other sequel!
  • Tales of the Ex-Mortis 30th Anniversary TPB: The companion series to our own Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn calls forth four Ash-centric stories of Deadites, ghouls, monsters, and more.
  • Adult Coloring and Activity Book: Color your own gore all over this collection of the best covers, art pieces, and dot-to-Deadite-dots from the Evil Dead 2 line of comic books.
  • Mystery "Revenge of" comic: A random comic from our "Revenge of" series which includes Revenge of Evil Ed, Revenge of Dracula, Revenge of Hitler, Revenge of Jack the Ripper, Revenge of Krampus and Revenge of the Martians.

International shipping is pretty high for this item (damn you postal service) but if you spend $100 on anything in the store you get FREE shipping! (hint, hint).  Also, you pay the same shipping price for one comic as you would for nine comics so it's definitely worth it if you're picking up multiple comics :)